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PostSubject: Brass Borer   Brass Borer EmptyFri Jul 30, 2010 5:35 am

The Players Keishiki (Bst/nin), Tiks (Whm/nin) and Akkrin (Thf/nin)

After building enough Zeni to get the Shadeleaf Key Item, Kei, Akk and I went to pop Brass Borer. This is a Wamouracampa type mob. Kei charmed a mountain clot and then proceeded to pop the NM when the sorrounding wamouracampa had been cleared away a little by the nearby blm xp party. Kei slowly pulled the NM down the tunnel with all the other clots to a new open area (seriously Kei feel free to edit, coz this is gonna be vague lol).

The new area contained Eruca mobs which kei continued to throw at the NM. A few mischarms later and Akk was dead. I tanked this mob on and off a little as Kei had some issues with her macro's making charm fail. The most important thing if you go to tank this is to keep shadows up. It does a move that builds and builds its vitality and then unleahes cannonball on you. With a shadow on, it's not scary, without a shadow's death.

Kei had a death or 2 but I was lucky enough to be able to get Raise 3 off while tanking. Stoneskin and shadows and luck ftw. So the fight was pretty much just charm and send in any of the nearby pets. They dont damage the mob much (that vitality move makes him pretty hard to damage) so it makes for a long-ish fight.

Dropped the Lion Tamer Kei was after 1/1 so that was {sweets}. Kei has offered to pop a tier 2 on that path if anyone needs one.

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