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 Chains Of Promathia

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PostSubject: Chains Of Promathia   Chains Of Promathia EmptyFri Jul 30, 2010 5:11 am

With the latest Version Update removing the previous level cap restrictions on all Promathia areas, we have been busy working towards completing the CoP Missions in the linkshell.

I'm probably behind as I type this but, Shu, Nil and Wrayth have all proceeded to 5-3 now, and Manni to 8-2. If anyone needs a hand with a Mission just let us know.

Here are some screenshots from the recent CoP's :

Chains Of Promathia Cop_4-17 Chains Of Promathia Cop_4-19 Chains Of Promathia Cop_4-20
Ouryu Fight for Wrayth

Chains Of Promathia Cop_4-22
End of the Sacrarium Mission

Chains Of Promathia Cop_5-11
Promyvion Vahzl for Manni

Chains Of Promathia Cop_5-12
Promyvion Vahzl for Nil and Shu

No idea why I couldn't get them all as big as the Manni one, I tried Sad

90 WHM * 90 RDM * 90 BLM
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Chains Of Promathia
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