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PostSubject: Signatures   Signatures EmptySat May 08, 2010 6:52 pm

I remember Tiks had trouble getting her signature to show.

Decided to take a look, I had the same problem, after half hour fiddling around, not only did I have to turn signatures on in the admin settings, I also had to turn them on in my own prefernces options in my profile.

So to get your signatures to show, go into your profile, click the Preferences tab on the right, and scroll down and find Always attach signature, and check it to 'YES'. Then save your preferences. Now you can select the signature tab and put whatever you want in there.

Bare in mind the signature will only show in the posts AFTER you have done this. All previous posts wont show the sig.

Don't know what a signature is?..................Mine is at the bottom of my post.

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