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PostSubject: Michaelxx O.o   Michaelxx O.o EmptySat Feb 11, 2012 5:25 am

hey everyone! its been a while thought i would hit up the forums and give an update/explanation of my absence (unless i explained it back then but i dont think i did) in September I lost both my parents. im a full time student about to graduate with first degree and going for a second, should be able to get it faster. and that is why i stopped playing ffxi due to my current lack of money but ive got a great family who's supporting me in college, im renting out a trailer which is paying my bills for the most part. im about to get some money and buy a good computer and possibly looking into some computer gaming >.> (thinking about going ahead and getting ffxiv for a little headstart) ive been real busy and dont know how much ill be able to play. lately i beat ffx and am close to beating ffxii, i got a xbox kinict with just dance 3 and im playing halo/forza 4 and a little dead island. ive missed you guys hope to be playing with you all again soon - Mike
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PostSubject: Re: Michaelxx O.o   Michaelxx O.o EmptySat Feb 11, 2012 1:02 pm

Good to hear from you mike.

Terribly sorry for your loss, good to hear your moving on and sounding positive, grats on the degree.

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Michaelxx O.o
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