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 Aby +2 sets

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Aby +2 sets Empty
PostSubject: Aby +2 sets   Aby +2 sets EmptyTue Apr 26, 2011 12:53 am

ok so we have everyone a full set of +1 (wether they quested or killed NM) for thier main job will now be working on +2 sets. Currently working on +2 legs as that is where we started, ans everyone except tiki (and manni MIA) has already got thier +2.

After this has been finished we will head to Aby Vunkerl and start +2 feet.

WAR/PLD, Stone of Voyage, Bukhis main & Durinn chance.

MNK, Coin of Voyage, Sedna main & Ketea chance.

WHM/BRD, Jewel of Voyage, Durinn main & Sedna chance.

Also DRK is from sedna but tsar has his feet+2, so from the above we plan on doing mostly Sedna & Durinn and then finish off stones with the lame tauri Bukhis.

Everytime you think you're moving forwards, you realise you have been going in the wrong direction. lol
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Aby +2 sets
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