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 where im at on missions..

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where im at on missions.. Empty
PostSubject: where im at on missions..   where im at on missions.. EmptyMon Mar 14, 2011 11:56 pm

ok so what i have done and still need to do on missions.

. i have completed all 3 nations so if anyone needs a hand with any of that and im free pls ask.

. i need to kill bahamut for both ZM and CoP which will finish my ZM and leave my only needing Apoc for CoP.

. ToAU is completed so if ya need help lemme know.

. i have completed all Assault missions and am on floor 60 of Nyzle Isle.

. i am about 50% through my WoTG missons and 80% through the Campaign missions as these run hand in hand i consider them the same thing would be really good to get these finished/

. As for the addons ASA is finished, MKD and ACP is final fight i dont really have a usefull job for ACP but ill go anytime ppl feel they can win with me not doing much or i get a decent job to go kill it.

there is many other things which i also would like to complete be it they not missions....

. Dynamis im up to the icelands but idk if and how we can do it.

. Einherjah this would be cool to do with a group and get through the chambers

thats basicly it so if anyone can or needs help then im sure we can find a time when things can be done.

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where im at on missions..
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